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What is e-mail? How to open an Email (Gmail / Yahoomail / Businessmail / Freemail) ID? Although many people know about this, we will discuss in detail the issues mentioned in today’s post for those who do not know much about internet and information technology.

What is e-mail?

E-mail Electronic mail is a digital message that is sent primarily through a computer network. It is called e-mail or electronic mail as it is easy to send e-mails from one place to another in a few moments just like people send letters, job letters and other useful information by post or courier service.

Thousands of years ago, people living in Africa, America and Asia started communicating with distant people by signaling smoke or playing drums. In the Middle Ages, people used various means of communication such as birds, horses, etc. The first electronic mail was sent to the then ARPANET in 1982 (RFC 561). In order to get e-mail easily in e-mail system, both the initial sender and the recipient had to be online.

There is no such problem in today’s e-mails. E-mail servers receive mail first, save it, and send it later. The user or recipient does not need to be online at the same time on the computer just by sending another e-mail from one e-mail account.

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Email Type:

There are basically two types of email. Firstly free email and secondly paid. At present, e-mail services are provided by various companies for free and in exchange for e-mail. You can easily access their site by opening an account. Below are the names of some of the most widely used free e-mail service providers.

Image Credit: Gmail


Google’s Gmail service is one of the most widely used free e-mail services today. Gmail is offering 15 GB of free space for users to use for free. Gmail’s interface looks like webmail, which can be sorted in different ways as needed.

Image Credit: Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular web-based e-mail services in the world. Launched in 1997, the service is the world’s second largest web-based e-mail service provider.

Image Credit: Aol Mail

ALO Mail

In 1993, America Online (AOL) and Delphi launched this email service. You can use e-mail services by opening accounts like Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Image Credit: Outlook Mail


Outlook is a free webmail service from Microsoft. It is one of the oldest mail services in the world. In 1998, Sabir Bhatia and Jack Smith launched a webmail called Hotmail in Mountain View, California. Microsoft acquired it in 1998 for about কোটি 400 million, followed by Hotmail in 2013. Outlook.com Is replaced by.

Image Credit: Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail

This is a Russian based webmail service. Yandex is the 5th largest search engine in the world. You can exchange up to 10 GB of free storage e-mail by opening a Yandex Mail account.

In addition to the above e-mail services, many other companies also offer free e-mail services. If you search on Google, you will find innumerable lists. You can use the e-mail service to open an account.

How to open an email account?

It is very easy to open an email ID or an account. You can open an email account by completing a few steps. Today we will look at how to open a Gmail account. You can open a Gmail account in the same way when you need to.

The first step in opening a Gmail account

First Gmail.com Please visit. Then a page like the one shown below will appear. Click on the “Create an account” button from that page.

Image Credit: Gmail

Step 2:

After clicking on the “Create an account” button, another page like the one below will appear. Where you have to give various information about. Such as: the first part of your name and the second part of the name; Click on Next button with username and password.

Image Credit: Gmail

Step 3:

After clicking the “Next” button, you will be asked to provide a phone number to verify your email account. Enter the number you used instead of the phone number. Then a six digit verification code will be sent to that number. Once you enter that code, the email account will be verified.

Image Credit: Gmail

Step 4:

After the account is verified, clicking on the “I agree” button in their Terms & Policy will create a Gmail account in your name. You will then be able to use your email account to exchange information.

Benefits of using e-mail:

  • Information can be easily exchanged via e-mail from one place to any place in the world.
  • E-mail can be done at any time from home.
  • Emails can be sent to different people from one e-mail account.
  • Correspondence can be exchanged very quickly via e-mail as soon as there is a delay in exchanging letters by post and courier service.
  • There is no fear of losing information or arriving late.
  • Currently e-mail is required for user verification to open an account for any purpose.

Difficulties in using e-mail:

  • Many times email accounts are hacked and information can be stolen. In that case, various types of harassment, including loss of privacy, may have to be acknowledged.
  • Everybody has to send offer based emails to many customers every day for business or for lead generation and sales promotion. In that case, if you use the free email service, most of the emails go to the spam box. Then paid services or various hosting companies Email hosting This problem can be avoided by taking service.
  • It is not possible to exchange e-mail from one place to another without internet connection, mobile, laptop, computer and digital device.

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